Spirit (Wycamp) Lake

Spirit Lake is a shallow lake located in Bliss Township with a small section of the east side in Cross Village Township in Northern Emmet County. The area surrounding Spirit Lake is primarily forested and forested wetland.

Big Sucker Creek

Big Sucker Creek is a perennial stream that originates from O’Neal Lake and flows into Lake Michigan. The land surrounding Big Sucker Creek is owned by the State of Michigan. 

Sturgeon Bay

Sturgeon Bay used to be a lumbering community and considered a town. There was a saw mill, blacksmith shop, small general store, boarding house, and a post office where the primitive shoreline now resides. 

O'neal Lake

The condition of the 1952 dam has been a point of contention since 2007.  The dam was in need of repairs and the main MDNR contact for managing O'Neal Lake, Wildlife Habitat Biologist Brian Mastenbrook, was contacted about the condition of the dam by riparian property owners. 

Cross Village

The Cross Village property contains about 3.65 acres of wetlands, located on the shore of Lake Michigan in Cross Village Township, Emmet County, adjacent to the Cross Village Township Public Beach.

Pond Street

This 60-acre parcel is located near downtown Mackinaw City and is almost all wetland. The site was vacant and undeveloped until around 1936, when excavation of gravel began on the eastern border of the property. 

King's Inn

The wetland is characterized by a wet sedge meadow, cattail basin, and forested swamp. 

Larks Lake

Larks Lake is a shallow spring-fed marl lake with a surface area of 592 acres. The Larks Lake watershed is a small watershed with a land surface area of 4,640 acres. The Larks Lake watershed is a sub watershed of the larger Cheboygan River Watershed.

Drier Road

The Drier Rd. property includes wet sedge meadows, flooded riparian zones, and a forest swamp. Beaver activity on Van Creek (link to Van Creek page) creates marshy habitat which is home to bears and deer. 

Van Creek

Van Creek is a tributary of the East Branch of the Maple River. The creek is nearly 8 miles long. It flows into the East Branch of the Maple River, which is classified as a Blue Ribbon Trout Stream by the State of Michigan.

Brush Creek

Brush Creek originates from Larks Lake and runs through the Pleasantview Swamp. Brush Creek runs southward 4 miles where it connects into the west branch of the Maple River. 

Five Mile Creek

Five Mile Creek is a cold water spring-fed perennial creek. It's 1.27 miles flow into Little Traverse Bay. The creek has a heavily shaded canopy through most of the land it meanders keeping the water cool.

Round Lake

Round Lake is a small shallow spring-fed lake with a surface area of 353.4 acres. There is one inlet creek connected to the north arm of Spring Lake and an outlet creek connecting to Crooked Lake.

Crooked Lake

Crooked Lake is part of the 45-mile Inland Waterway. The Inland Waterway begins in Spring Lake from the southern origin and the other origin identified as the beginning of the waterway from the east is Pickerel Lake. 


The 3.53 acre Biindigen gas station property contains 1.24 acres of wetland.

Spring Lake

Spring Lake has two basins, the south and north arm; these arms are separated by a road and an educational wetland boardwalk and park. This lake is located adjacent to M-119, a highly used road going from the City of Petoskey to Harbor Springs. 

Tannery Creek

Tannery Creek is a 5-mile long coldwater creek. This creek is the most impacted creek within the LTBB Reservation. It is perennially spring-fed.

Bear River

The Bear River is the largest river in length that LTBB monitors and is the largest tributary in the Little Traverse Bay Watershed. The Bear River is approximately 14.6 miles long. The Bear River originates at Walloon Lake and flows into Little Traverse Bay. 

Walloon Lake

Walloon Lake is a glacier formed lake serving as the headwaters to the Bear River, a 14.6 mile river flowing into Little Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan. The lake resides within two counties, Emmet and Charlevoix. 

Boyne River

The Boyne River is a cold water river system approximately 24 miles in length. This river is adjacent to and affects the waters of the LTBB historical reservation. The river drains into Lake Charlevoix.

Lake Charlevoix

Lake Charlevoix is a connecting water to Lake Michigan with two basins. It is the third largest lake in Michigan with a surface area of 17, 265 acres. Lake Charlevoix flows into Round Lake and into the Pine River and drains into Lake Michigan. 

Susan Lake

Susan Lake is a small, shallow lake with a surface area of 125 acres located in Hayes Township in Charlevoix County within the LTBB Reservation. Mud Creek is the inlet of Susan Lake and Susan Creek is the outlet which then drains into Little Traverse Bay. 

Susan Creek

Susan Creek is an intermittent stream that originates at Susan Lake. It is the second-largest tributary of the Little Traverse Bay Watershed. Susan Creek is nearly 5 miles long. Much of the area that Susan Creek runs through is privately owned. 

Taimi Hoag Natural Area

The Taimi Hoag Natural Area (THAN) is a 54.3-acre parcel (in trust) that was dedicated to conservancy in memory of former LTBB Environmental Services Department Director Taimi Lynn Hoag.


The Waawaashkesh wetland is nearly 60 acres in size and located in a 76-acre wild game preserve. The name ‘Waawaashkesh’ in Anishinaabemowin means ‘deer’ in English and the site is used as a Tribal hunting area.

Spirit (Wycamp) Creek

Wycamp Creek is perennial warm water fishery with principal migratory routes for anadromous salmonids. The creek originates at Spirit Lake and flows into Lake Michigan. Wycamp Creek is approximately 1.35 miles in length. 

West Branch of the Maple River

The Maple River flows into Burt Lake at Maple Bay, and is part of the Cheboygan River Watershed. The West Branch of the Maple River is 16 miles long and drains 93 square miles of land.

Carp River

The Carp River begins at Paradise (Carp) Lake, flowing over 10 miles to Lake Michigan in Cecil Bay.

Collins Creek

Collins Creek is a 3-mile-long tributary flowing into the east side of Spirit Lake. This cold water creek is spring-fed and is fairly undisturbed by human impact. 

Little Traverse Bay

Little Traverse Bay is the fourth largest bay of Lake Michigan. LTBB citizens have been dependent on the bay historically and presently.