Fish Consumption Survey (page 4/4)

If you have any questions, please call Lauren Dey of the Environmental Services Program at 231-242-1572, e-mail, or use the contact form on our website to contact us. If you would prefer to take the survey in person, please contact us as well to set up an interview.

Fisher Considerations

15Have you fished in the past year?

16What is the maximum of miles you would travel one way from your residence to fish? (include land and water miles)

17Are you familiar with fish advisories?

18Does that influence the amount of fish you eat?

19How does that influence the amount of fish you eat?

20What, if anything, would change how much fish you eat?

21Are the fish that you or your family catch your main source of food?

22Do you have alternatives to get fish other than personally fishing?

23How would you eat fish if there were no advisories (completely safe from contaminants) (check one)

24Would you get your fish from a different source if there were no advisories?

25Which sources would you use more often? (check all that apply)

26If you are an elder (age 55+), do you recall the level of fish consumption by your parents to be: (check one)

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