Tribal Legislation

The LTBB Nibiish Naagdowen "Care of the Water" Clean Water Statute was signed into law by Chairwoman Regina Gasco-Bentley on September 15, 2016.

Click here to download and read the statute.

Draft wetland regulations have been created by the Natural Resources Department under the authority of the Nibiish Naagdowen statute. They are currently posted for comment on the LTBB website.

Click here to download and read the documents. The download includes information on what the new regulations will do. 

Use this form to make comments to the Executive Branch.

Tribal Council reviewed the documents on November 28th, yielding the following outcomes:

1. The Environmental Appeals Board Statute will be sponsored by a Tribal Councilor soon, and it will be posted for at least 30 days for comments.

2. Tribal Council wished for some changes to the wetland regulations, so they were disapproved at the November 30, 2017 meeting. The new version has been sent to the Executive and is included in the download above.

Please note: Some version of the regulations have been posted on the LTBB website since October 17, 2017.