Nonpoint Source Pollution

Northern Michigan enjoys many lakes, rivers, wetlands, and springs in which to play, boat, fish, swim, hunt, gather, and drink. Overall the water quality is nearly pristine. To keep it that way, we must be on the lookout for nonpoint source pollution. Nonpoint source pollution comes from many diffuse sources and is caused by rainfall or snowmelt moving over through the ground. Some examples of nonpoint source pollution are stormwater and poor road/stream crossings. Nonpoint source pollution creates problems such as beach closures (when animal fecal matter enters the water causing bacteria to outbreak) and temperatures in water bodies that are too warm for fish.

LTBB is beginning to address these issues through a nonpoint source assessment and management plan. We've identified nonpoint source issues with our surface water quality data, State of Michigan data, and local watershed plans. We've met with groups such as Conservation Resource Alliance, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council, Emmet County Road Commission, Walloon Lake Trust and Conservancy, the Little Traverse Bay Watershed Committee, and Lake Charlevoix Watershed Committee to outline how to manage nonpoint source issues.

We received authority to administer our Clean Water Act Section 319 program from the Environmental Protection Agency  on October 10, 2017 . The new program will provide us with base funding for salaries, education, and small projects. We will also have access to a national competitive grant for larger nonpoint source issues. We are looking forward to helping restore and protect resources in Northern Michigan. We plan to support and seek the help of our many partners and collaborators.

LTBB would like to thank the following for their help and support in this process which began in 2012:

Current and former LTBB employees

LTBB Natural Resources Commission

Partners in the Little Traverse Bay, Lake Charlevoix, and Burt Lake Watershed Plans

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Consulting & Technology

Jill Grant Law

Assessment Report

Assessment Report Appendices

Management Report

Management Plan Appendices

Current Carp River and Van Creek Restoration Projects

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